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Al Jazeera Media Training and Development Center held a press conference on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 in which it announced the training plans and courses schedule for 2015. The new schedule included 20 new courses.The plan has expanded into many new courses besides the more specialized and advanced courses in many journalistic and media-related arts and skills including TV editorial journalism,

A ‘TV Reporter Course’ was organized in Sana by Al Jazeera Media Training & Development Center in collaboration with Female Journalists without Chains within the initiative of ‘Al Jazeera Ambassadors’. Fifteen media personalities have participated into the course. They were trained on the TV reporter’s work and learned about the nature of the job; in addition to the necessary editorial and ..

They said about the center

AJTC offers a superb educational environment that allows journalists to improve their skills and develop as individuals.

AJTC courses encompasses both the theoretical and practical aspects of training. It is also considered the top in the Arab World and the best based on my professional experience.