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Al Jazeera media training and development center signed a partnership agreement with Media DZ center in Algeria concerning media training. The agreement provides for media training courses across Algeria, as well as conferences about communication so as to contribute to the development of media institutions and improve their participants training.Mr. Ali Khalil Abraham director

Dr. Sohail Awad "I always advise trainees who take any training course that theory benefits the individual with %60, but applying what you learned is the best way to learn, spreading professionalism in customer service within their organizations, having that would save wasting time, effort and money. My main advice to those who deal with customers is to realize that they are the on the front

They said about the center

It was a great idea to have a media center for professional training, which working hard to offer the best training environment. thank you AL-Jazeera training.

Picking the competent trainer is one of the ALJazeera Media Training advantages, which encouraged me to be more commitment to the course. It was really, informative and useful.