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Al Jazeera Media Training and Development Center organized an “Introduction to Media” workshop in ASC Doha School. The workshop is the first of such workshops given to children by the training center. Ghassan Abu Hussein, Manager of AJD Programs Acquisition, provided the training of this workshop and said it was his third experience to train children in Qatar.

Students will make their films using the Canon 5D. Each student writes, directs, shoots and edits three projects shot on HD and edits on Apple Final Cut Pro stations. Each student works in key crew positions on at least six more films directed by classmates. The program is not for everyone. It requires a total commitment to a challenging curriculum of making films.

Al Jazeera Media Training and Development Center has celebrated the graduation of TV Presenting and Filmmaking Diplomas on Wednesday, December 31, 2014. The two 40-day programs offered comprehensive training to 6 participants in the TV Presenting and 10 participants in the Filmmaking diplomas. Eman Al Amri, Manager of Training Delivery presented the certificates to the graduates during

They said about the center

It was a great idea to have a media center for professional training, which working hard to offer the best training environment. thank you AL-Jazeera training.

Picking the competent trainer is one of the ALJazeera Media Training advantages, which encouraged me to be more commitment to the course. It was really, informative and useful.