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12 Participants in Documentary Production Course in Algeria

Al Jazeera Training – Algeria

Al Jazeera Media Training and Development Center concluded on Sunday, May 22nd, in collaboration with Media Dz Centre, the Documentary Production Course in Algeria, with the participation of 12 trainees.

Trainer Ahmed Mahfouz provided the training for this new batch of trainees who were focused, attentive and responsible. During the course, Ahmed focused on developing theoretical base for the trainees, related to the most significant theories and concepts of documentaries; together with their updates and developments.In addition to developing an analytical attitude that puts back the film elements to its original components. The training also focused on the collective creative work as a team, practical training on the field and coping with different circumstances.

Under the supervision and guidance of Ahmed Mahfouz, participants produced several films. Moreover, they praised the training course and appreciated the trainers’ efforts, stressing the great benefits they have attained through the training.

As for” News Presentation” course, it will be conducted by Trainer Wassila Oulmi between 24 and 28 June in Algeria, in collaboration with Media Dz Centre for Media Production. 

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