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To become the international pioneer in media training and development and to be the first choice of both professionals and amateurs.


To contribute to the development of media organizations and individuals by offering professional training courses and reliable consultancy services in accordance with the latest professional and technical standards.


The idea of establishing Aljazeera Media Institute was an innovative and unique concept in the Arab world. As for the infrastructure, Aljazeera Media Institute is considered to be one of the most modern media centers in the world. It has been designed and built with the highest specifications and world standards. This enables the Institute to provide professional media training based on the most modern international media training standards and practices. The Institute aims to increase the number of trainees through broadening its program fields, targeting local and external markets, and promoting the best media practices in the Arab world.


Aljazeera Media Institute was launched on February 24, 2004. The idea of establishing the Institute came from Al Jazeera’s belief in the importance of training to improve and develop media capabilities. The Institute opened with a clear vision and mission, focused on providing quality media training and development to all employees in media related fields. International, as well as professional media figures and amateurs have benefitted immensely from the Institute’s training. The Institute is also responsible for training Aljazeera Media Network’s staff.

Aljazeera Media Institute is currently enjoying a prominent position in the world of media. This position is consolidated by the fact that it always keeps pace with the latest developments in the media world. The Institute is also equipped with cutting-edge technologies in line with the highest standards of multimedia communications.

The Institute has an extensive network of strategic partnerships with reputable media institutions and circles - all well known on a local, regional and international level. The Institute continues to consolidate its relations and partnerships, and building new strategic partnerships with various media ‘schools’, in order to create a realistic media environment. The Institute also provides media institutions with consultancies to help them develop their potential and attain their strategic plans.

The exceptional success of the Institute can be attributed to the combined efforts of its team members - their continued dedication and professionalism. In addition to its professional instructors, the Institute’s consultants and coaches provide the highest standards of training with a deep sense of professionalism and responsibility.

Aljazeera believes in the importance of exchanging expertise – and see it as a vital tool in moving forward towards performance excellence. The Institute’s main objective will always remain the same: to be an effective tool for promoting and developing various media fields regionally and internationally.



Other Courses

The Institute is keen to diversify and update its courses and programs to cement its leadership in the media training domain. Participants receive Professional Diplomas for studies covering various media fields, as well as professional security and safety programs for journalists in conflict areas, and programs on protecting free opinion and expression. The Center also offers programs for the future generations (12-18) in media.

Media Management and Public Relations

The Institute offers a bouquet of diverse courses related to Media Management and Public Relations, and in particular, courses dealing with public relations within organizations, crisis planning, the organizing of conferences, forums and exhibitions, as well as courses dealing with protocol rules. These courses enable the trainees to acquire media skills, which enhance the performance of corporate representatives and spokespersons when appearing in various media outlets.

Print and Electronic Journalism

It is not possible to separate electronic journalism from written journalism, despite the differences in tools and techniques. Our schedule has a number of titles related to the technical and editorial aspects of this field. The New Media training which includes Social Media and Electronic Media, and is one of the most important courses offered by the Institute.

Radio Journalism

Voice placement and elocution courses represent the basics for the success of any TV or radio presenter.This course is one of the most important courses offered by the Institute in the field of radio journalism, as the voice is the only means of communication with radio listeners. The Institute also provides courses for radio program production and radio presentation, conducted by a number of reputable instructors.

TV Journalism

In our contemporary world, the TV screen is the most popular media platform. It surpasses all other mediums. With this in mind, Aljazeera Media Institute dedicates most of its training courses to the visual field. The Institute offers a wide range of training programs to improve the skills of news and talk show presenters of different levels. Additionally, there are training courses aimed at promoting technical skills, i.e. camera work, picture editing, program and news bulletin production, as well as direction and other relevant TV activities. 

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PO Box 23134 Doha, Qatar | MapPhone: +974 4489 7666 Fax: +974 44182322Email: institute@aljazeera.netOffice Hours:Sunday to Thursday8am - 4pm (Qatar Time = +3 GMT)

Key Staff Members

Mounir Daymi

Director of Al Jazeera Media Institute

Aljazeera Media Institute is currently enjoying a prominent position in the world of media. This position is consolidated by the fact that it always keeps pace with the latest developments in the media world. The Institute is also equipped with cutting-edge technologies in line with the highest standards of multimedia communications.

Montaser Marai

Manager of Media Development Department

This Department deals with planning, designing and the production of curriculums for all courses and diploma studies. It provides on-demand media consultancies in various media fields, as well as supervising the selection of instructors and their contracts.

Talal Abdulkarim

Manager of Training Department

This Department implements and approves training courses, by providing all needed technical equipment and logistics. It creates a suitable environment for training sessions, by meeting the requirements of instructors and trainees from the beginning of the course until the graduation ceremony. This is in addition to supervising the provision of technical requirements for courses and ensuring smooth operations to achieve quality training.

Eman Al-Amri

Manager of Planning and Projects Department

This Department is in charge of marketing the Institute’s services, including the training programs and the media consultancies. It also manages projects agreed upon by the Institute and other parties. The Department aims to reach institutional excellence through studying the best practices and developing them further.

Our Partnerships

France International Media Academy:
The Academy aims to support radio stations and TV channels in the field of training of journalists and media professionals. To achieve this, it uses the expertise of the staff of a range of French media organizations operating in the fields of audio and video journalism in addition to e-journalism.
France International Media Academy
Rawabet for Distinguished Development is specialized in institutional communication and Media . Are interested in reputation management to build a mental picture of individuals and institutions.
Media DZ:
Media dz is an Algerian firm specialized in media training and production.It tries to cope with and push the recent extension and openness of media in Algeria.
Media DZ
Thomson Foundation:
Non-governmental organization whose main goal is to develop media worldwide. The cooperation between Thomson Foundation and Aljazeera Training Center began since the opening of the Center in 2004
Thomson Foundation